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Our Background

Boss World started its business journey in 2010, in the liquor business from our south side location at 1531 Lakewood Road West. Eight years later and Boss Liquor has grown to 7 different locations in Edmonton, with 4 more on the way. 

Our approach to business is different than the big box retail. At Boss World, we believe in a personal touch in every transaction with our customers. From carrying a large assortment of spirits, wine and beer, to helping our customers find the right product and making a sale, we take pride in providing great customer service at our businesses. We carry more than 3,000 products in our liquor stores to allow our customers the opportunity to have a variety of options to choose from. Our main location, in Lakewood, is among the top ten stores in Edmonton, excluding the big box retailers, in terms of sale volume. Over the years, we have been able to build a significant and loyal customer base at each of our locations, thanks to our values as a company.

As of today, Boss World is in the business of liquor, pizza and convenience stores, with two pizza restaurants, seven liquor stores, and one convenience store across Edmonton. We are now also stepping foot into the businesses of Indian restaurants and day cares, through Boss Indian Bistro and Boss Daycare.

Our goal is to slowly expand the business to the other parts of the city of Edmonton by adding new locations while staying true to the core philosophy of the company by providing great customer experience every time. 

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