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Future Projects

Pizza Restaurant

In a time where it seems like our differences are the only thing worth noticing, Boss Pizza aims to become a place where people of any background can forget their worries, and just enjoy a nice slice of pizza with their loved ones. Our main goal with Boss Pizza is to bridge the gap between two different cultures, and create something that anyone can enjoy. As humans first, and race or ethnicity second, we seek to get rid of differences and let people enjoy the simpler things in life - things like pizza.

Daycare Center

As the world continues to evolve and adapt, it is the responsibility of older generations to prepare our children for the next era - to inspire and encourage the next generation of humans. As a wise person once said, "children may be only 10% of our population, but they are 100% of our future." Doctors may have the ability to save a child's heart, but a great teacher has the ability to touch that child's heart and give them purpose. With Boss Daycare, we plan on doing exactly that.

Indian Restaurant

Boss World was founded by a family of Indian heritage. As we expand our business into other things, our one wish is to bring a little bit of India to Canada - to honour the land and culture that we were born in, so we never forget where we came from. Speaking as a family of immigrants, we have tried extremely hard to keep true to our family roots and values as Indians. Now we have the ability to bring a little bit of our homeland to other families who might be experiencing the same things as us.

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